Rotary Tiller 1GN 90
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NEW Rotary Tiller 1GN 90 farm vehicles and equipment

ID: 2027
Units Available:   30
Year of Manufacture:   2022
The price: P.O.A.

NEW Rotary Tiller 1GN 90

Working width(mm) 900
Weight(kg) 245
Number of flanges 5
Number of blades per flange 6 (Optional 4)

- Whether you are laying turf aound a golf course or growing small crops, the rotary hoe is perfect for preparing your top soil for planting
- Creates a smooth finish and is perfect for crop and lawn preparation
- Improving productivity,as well as presentation

span class=greengrey>Feature Rotary Tillers:

- Adjustable rear flap for safety as well as providing a smooth finish
- Height adjustable skids for depth control
- Extra strong design for long life&reliability

Rotary tillers are used to plough the farm by a series of blades that breaks the clods, moisturize the soil and pulverize the soil that helps for soil preparation to grow plants and to get high yield. It uses a set of blades that spin and break the soil clods and helps to do weeding between the crops.
Rotary Tiller 1GN 90   farm vehicles and equipment for sale Rotary Tiller 1GN 90   farm vehicles and equipment for sale Rotary Tiller 1GN 90   farm vehicles and equipment for sale

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