2022-09-19 | Best competitive prices for farm machines

Best competitive prices for farm machines
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Ask us for our best competitive prices today for:
This is a small list of machines and equipment that are ready to ship.
We can provide any amount of identical machines in the shortest possible time
We also give great discounts on bulk purchases.
We will provide you with Direct Shipping, a full warranty and lifetime service

agriculture / farm tractors

  1. KAT 1804F Farm Tractor 4WD
  2. KAT 2004 Farm Tractor 4WD
  3. KAT 3604 Farm Tractor 4WD 360HP
  4. Crawler Tractor YTO C402
  5. Crawler Tractor YTO C602
  6. Zoomlion RA2004 Wheeled Tractor
  7. Zoomlion RX244/254 Wheeled Tractor 4WD
  8. Zoomlion RD254 Wheeled Tractor 4WD
  9. Zoomlion RF254 Wheeled Tractor 4WD
  10. Zoomlion RD304 Wheeled Tractor 4WD
  11. DF254EC farm Tractor 4WD
  12. DF304EM farm Tractor 4WD
  13. DF304G2 farm Tractor 4WD
  14. DF354 farm Tractor 4WD
  15. JINMA 404A Wheel Tractor 4WD
  16. JINMA 454 Wheel Tractor 4WD
  17. JINMA 504 Wheel Tractor 4WD
  18. JINMA 654 Wheel Tractor 4WD
  19. JINMA 704 Wheel Tractor 4WD
  20. Foton TE254 wheeled Tractor
  21. Foton TE284 wheeled Tractor
  22. Foton TE304 wheeled Tractor
  23. Foton TE324 wheeled Tractor
  24. Foton TB354 wheeled Tractor
  25. Foton TB404 wheeled Tractor
  26. Fotma FM800 farm Tractor
  27. Foton TE204 Tractor
  28. Foton TE244 Tractor

agriculture / farm water pumps

  1. Fighting fire agricultural diesel water pump
  2. 4 inch diesel water pump
  3. 6 inch diesel water pump
  4. 3 inch diesel water pump
  5. 8 inch diesel water pump
  6. Diesel irrigation water pump
  7. Diesel water pump for deep well

agriculture / farm Site Dumpers

  1. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD20
  2. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD20 4WD
  3. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD10-9DA
  4. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD15-11D
  5. Site Dumper TOPMAC 15-11DH 4WD
  6. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD50R-4WD
  7. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD70 4WD
  8. Site Dumper TOPMAC SD100 4WD

agriculture / farm Site Combine Harvesters

  1. Silage Combine Harvester FOTMA 4QZ-8
  2. Silage Combine Harvester FOTMA 4QZ-2200
  3. AS60 Sugarcane Combine Harvester
  4. Chopper Sugarcane Combine Harvester FOTMA 4GQ-360
  5. Whole Stalk Sugarcane Combine FOTMA 4GZ-125
  6. Whole Stalk Sugarcane Combine FOTMA 4GZ-360
  7. Sugarcane Combine Harvester FOTMA AS60
  8. Corn Combine Harvester FOTMA AS60 Self-Propelled
  9. Mini Corn Combine Harvester
  10. Corn Combine Harvester 4YZP-3Y
  11. Corn Combine Harvester 4YZ-3C

agriculture / farm machine and equipment

  1. Trailed Middle-Duty Offset Disc Harrow 1BJX-2.4
  2. Trailed Middle-Duty Offset Disc Harrow 1BJX-2.5
  3. Opposed Light-duty Disc Harrow 1BQD-1.6
  4. Opposed Light-duty Disc Harrow 1BQD-2.0
  5. Opposed Light-duty Disc Harrow 1BQD-2.4
  6. Wheat Planter 2BXF-14
  7. Wheat Planter 2BXF-16
  8. Wheat Planter 2BXF-18
  9. Double-Flap Hydraulic Offset Middle-duty Disc Harrow 1BJ-3.0
  10. Double-Flap Hydraulic Offset Middle-duty Disc Harrow 1BJ-3.4
  11. Lime and Organic Fertilizer(Manure) Spreader DFC-7500
  12. Lime and Organic Fertilizer(Manure) Spreader DFC-12000
  13. Lime Fertilizer Spreader 2LFS-500
  14. Fertilizer Spreader 2LFS-1000
  15. Walking Rice Transplanter 2ZS-4A
  16. Rows Walking Rice Transplanter 2ZS-6
  17. New Square Baler Fotma 9YFQ-1.9
  18. FMYG Round Hay Baler with Net Package
  19. 9YF Square Baler
  20. FMYK Mini Round Hay Baler

agriculture / farm Tillers

  1. Rotary Tiller JIMNA 1GQN-250
  2. Crawler Type Tiller 1GZ60
  3. Crawler Type Tiller 1GZ65A
  4. Self-Propelled Crawler Type Rotary Tiller
  5. Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller 1GN series
  6. Rotary Tiller 1GN 90
  7. Chop Straw Counters-field Tiller Set 1JH-172
  8. Chop Straw Counters-field Tiller Set 1JH-200
  9. Stubble Rotary Tiller SGTN-250D
  10. Stubble Rotary Tiller SGTN 125D

agriculture / farm Disc Ploughs

  1. Disc Plough 1LYQ-220
  2. Disc Plough 1LYQ-320
  3. Disc Plough 1LYQ-325
  4. Disc Plough 1LYQ-330
  5. Disc Plough 1LYQ-425
  6. Disc Plough 1LYQ-525
  7. Disc Plough 1LYQ-625
  8. Tyne Ridging Cultivator TS3ZY-1.2
  9. Spring Cultivator FM3ZT
  10. Hydraulic Reversible Plough 1LF-430
  11. Plough Share 1L-220
  12. Plough Share 1L-425

Best competitive prices for farm machines

Best competitive prices for farm machines

Best competitive prices for farm machines

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