2022-04-01 | Expand the Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Market

Expand the Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Market
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With the widespread application of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain in agricultural production, Chinese agricultural machinery and equipment are developing at a faster pace in the direction of intelligent control, automated operation, and light simplification.

In recent years, driven by the trend of intelligentization, digitization and intelligence of agricultural machinery, agricultural and rural departments across the country and leading agricultural machinery enterprises have jointly deployed and established intelligent agricultural machinery industrial parks and put into operation related projects to jointly promote the development of modern agricultural machinery in my country. .

At present, intelligent agricultural machinery equipment occupies an important position in accelerating the development of my country's agricultural modernization. At the same time, the country has higher technical requirements for agricultural machinery and equipment, and the demand for products is huge.

According to the statistics of Zoomlion, the annual sales volume of self-driving agricultural machinery is 3,000-5,000 units. If the market penetration rate reaches 50%, the market size of domestic self-driving agricultural machinery can reach 7-8 billion. It is also reported that in the production of middle rice in 2020 and early rice in 2021, the rice yield of rice unmanned farms is higher than the local average yield, indicating its
huge development potential. As Professor Bai Bai, Director of the Advisory Committee of China Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Center, China Agricultural University, said that my country's agricultural mechanization is about to enter an advanced stage, and the problem of unbalanced and insufficient agricultural mechanization development must be solved by developing intelligent machines and promoting intelligence

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