2022-03-29 | Vigorously Promote and Strengthen the Agriculture Mechanization

Vigorously Promote and Strengthen the Agriculture Mechanization
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Accelerate to fill the shortcomings of agricultural machinery use in key areas. Government advocate not only structural optimization of agricultural machinery and equipment, but promotion of advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technologies and the replacement of agricultural machinery also.

Besides, other key points are the creation of a number of first-class counties, demonstration bases, agricultural machinery innovation test bases, regional agricultural machinery comprehensive service centers, and digital agricultural machinery application demonstration bases for agricultural machinery replacement. Increase the use of suitable agricultural machinery for micro-farming, harvesting, rail (ropeway) transportation, water-saving irrigation, and drone plant protection. We will comprehensively promote the mechanization of the whole process of rice production, speed up the overcoming of the difficulties of mechanization in key links of production such as animal husbandry and tea, and increase the promotion of facility greenhouses. Increase the application of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things in the field of facility agriculture. By 2025, the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvesting in the city will reach over 90%, and the comprehensive mechanization level of rice cultivation and harvesting will reach over 92%.

At the same time, in terms of digitization of agricultural machinery, develop smart agricultural machinery, promote the construction of smart agricultural machinery demonstration bases, accelerate the popularization and application of smart agricultural machinery and equipment, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural facilities and equipment. By 2025, 50 digital agricultural factories will be built, and 250 large-scale planting and breeding bases will be digitally transformed by demonstration.

Actively cultivate and develop modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industries with emerging and potential rural industries. Accelerate the independent research and development of intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, and actively develop intelligent equipment such as agricultural robots, agricultural drones, CNC spraying, intelligent picking, intelligent livestock and poultry breeding, and manure treatment. Focusing on intelligent agricultural machinery and artificial intelligence, actively develop modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, incubate and cultivate a number of high-tech agricultural machinery enterprises with high technical level and great growth potential, and build a strategic industrial cluster base for modern intelligent agricultural machinery.

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