NEW 500kW Jichai 190 gas gensets PLG-500GF for sale

Engineered and Manufactured by: Jichai
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Gas Generator
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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Description 500kW Jichai 190 gas gensets PLG-500GF

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NEW 500kw Jichai 190 series gas generator sets PLG-500GF
190 Series gas engines are developed by cooperation with AVL from Germany and Austria. The engine assembling plant is affiliated
to CNPC (China National Petroleum & Oil Corporation), those engines work extensively in 90% of China oil fields and coal mines,
and enjoy hot markets in global.

? Rated power(kW/kVA) kW kVA 500/625
? Rated voltage(V) 400
? Fuel: LNG, CNG, Natural Gas
? All ratings data is based on operation under IS08528 standard.
? Both 50Hz .


Feature of the 190 series gas generator sets
? Long service life resulting from application-specific design
? Lower operating and maintenance costs
? Low emissions due to advantage technologies
? Reliable in field-tested
? Adapt to harsh conditions

Benefits of HAITAI Power-CNPC 190 Series gas engines & Genset
1. The engine performance is Leading China and First class Global
2. Long history: produced by engines plant under control by CNPC (China National Petroleum & Oil Corporation), it is the first and
the largest engine manufacture in China since 1953.
3. Proven Technology: widely used in 90% of China Oil & Gas Fields, Coalmines, Vessels and other areas under severe working conditions.
4. Fuel flexibility: designed for operation on a wide range of methane based gases including natural gas, biogas, oilfield gas, coal
mine methane and shale gas and other special gas.
5. Designed for intensive use (continuous duty)
6. Capable of working with variable loads.
7. Advanced technology of close-loop control, lean-burn and Mixing before turbo.
8. Adopting highly intelligent gas control system of Woodward EGS or Motortech, the air fuel ratio can be automatically adjusted
as per fluctuation of gas components.
9. Adopting intelligent & digital ignition system from Motortech or Altronic.
10. Adopting super-turbocharged technology from ABB.
11. Heat Recovery system to realize CHP, Cogeneration and Distribution Energy.
12. Integrated & modularized unit to facilitate easy transport and quick setup. Total RMB 800,10013. Easy Maintenance in Low Cost.
14. Ensured annually continuous working over 8760 hours.
15. Longer life span of 20-25 years.

? Customisable status screens.
? Multiple date & time scheduler.
? Charge alternator failure alarm.
? CAN engine manual speed control.
? Manual fuel pump control.
? Engine exerciser.kW & kV Ar overload protection.
? Reverse power (kW & kV Ar) protection. Unbalanced load protection.
? USB connectivity.
? Backed-up real time clock.
? Configurable Gencomm pages.
? SMS messaging start & stop functionality.
? Modem diagnostic display screens.
? Remote display support (max 3 units)

Jichai PowerKit Gas Engine Datasheet
Ratings Definitions - COP
  1. Unlimited using time per year;
  2. Continuous power is the maximum power available at a constant load factor;
  3. No overload capability is allowed

Ratings Definitions - PRP
  1. Unlimited using time per year;
  2. The average load rate is no more than 70% over 24 hours;
  3. Overloading 10% for 1h within 12 hours of operation is allowed.

Ratings Definitions - ESP
  1. he annual operating time shall not exceed 200h;
  2. The average load rate shall not exceed 70% over24h operation cycle;
  3. No overload capability is allowed;
  4. The acceleration of starting of engines are carried out in accordance with
    Q/WCG136.13, and theres no engine process. From acceleration of starting to calibration speed shall be completed within 10s. Natural aspirated engine,
    when the environment temperature is below 5°, need to increase preheat facilities to ensure that engine water temperature above 30°. When
    environment temperature over 5°, no preheating facilities are required.
    Supercharged engine, when the environment temperature is below 10°, need to increase preheat facilities to ensure that engine water temperature
    above 30° When environment temperature over 10°, no preheating facilities are required
    1. No ability to overload;
    2. The annual operating time shall not exceed 500h while supplying a variable
      electrical load.

    1. It has 10% overload capacity;
    2. Annual run time is unlimited;
    3. Working under variable or continuous load of less than 100%;
    4. The power load shall not exceed 70% of the calibration power when the device is running continuously.

    1. ISO 8528-1, ISO 3046, DIN6271+-5%
    2. All ratings are based on operating conditions under ISO 8528-1,ISO 3046, DIN6271. Performance tolerance of+-5%.
    3. Test conditions : 100 kPa, 25°C air inlet temperature, relative humidity of
      30%. Derating may be required for conditions outside these; please contact the factory for details.
    4. Power output curves are based on the engine operating with gas system, water pump and lubricating oil pump, without battery charging alternator,
      fan and optional equipment

    General Container

    Structural design description:
    The internal space is divided into two spaces: engine room and control room, and inspection channels on both sides of the equipment inside the engine room.

    Functional description:
    1)The container is equipped with a distribution box to provide power to all low-voltage loads in the engine room, such as horizontal radiator fans, control screens, lighting, exhaust (supply) fans (for horizontal distribution), chargers, electric heating (optional), oil pumps, electric heating (optional), and outdoor searchlights. It can also be responsible for controlling related equipment (according to project configuration requirements);
    2)Two track suspension beams and a hoist are installed on the top of the engine room, with a lifting capacity of 0.5 tons per beam;
    3)Inlet of engine air filter and the engine room are equipped with electric heating devices to avoid freezing and blockage (optional);
    4)The floor of the machine room is equipped with an axial drive mechanism for the generator, which enables the generator to detach from the coupling by 200mm. (Optional)
    5)If the indoor heating temperature in the machine room is not lower than 5 C deg., an insulation layer needs to be installed under the chassis of the machine room, and electric heating heaters (optional) are used inside the machine room;
    6)One explosion-proof acoustic and visual alarm lamp is installed outside each machine room. The lighting inside the machine room is an explosion-proof LED lamp with emergency function. Other equipment and boxes do not need to be explosion-proof (optional).
    7)Ladder: Install a simple ladder at a suitable position on the box;
    8)Configure the fire protection system in the machine room: Install dry powder fire extinguishers as fire extinguishing devices (standard), and other flame detectors, methane leak detectors, smoke detectors, etc. as optional options;
    9)Note: The specific configuration shall be subject to the actual situation of the project.


    CHP system (Exhaust Heat Collector) CHP/ Cogeneration/ CCHP/ Trigeneration

    1. The unique spiral winding structure increases the turbulence effect, and the heat exchange capacity per unit area is 3-7 times that of the traditional heat exchanger.
    2. High heat transfer coefficient, high heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, good heat transfer effect, high heat transfer coefficient up to 14000W/m·k, energy saving effect is remarkable.
    3. Small size. With only one-tenth of the traditional tube and shell heat exchangers, it takes up less space and reduces infrastructure and installation and maintenance costs.
    4. Using a small clearance design to increase the flow rate, the heat exchanger is not easy to foul, and the use and maintenance costs
    are low.
    5. Advanced design concept, the length of the heat exchange tube is 3-4 times the height of the cylinder, the material stays longer and the
    heat transfer is more fully.
    6. Spiral-wound elastic tube bundle design can effectively eliminate pipe vibration and stress due to thermal expansion and contraction deformation.
    7. Unique 90 degree connection, heat exchangers all participate in heat exchange,
    no dead ends and stagnant areas, reduce fluid resistance.
    8. Counter-current heat transfer, asymmetric flow design, in the vapor-liquid heat transfer field has other advantages that can not be compared with heat exchangers.

    Automatic Paralleling and Gridconnect Control System
    This system can connect generator sets in parallel or connect the generator set to the grid automatically.
    Remote Control
    PMG Alternator
    Oil and Water Heater
    High Voltage Alternator 6.3kv and 10.5kv, High Voltage Electrical Control Cells (PT Cabinet)
    CT Cabinet
    High Voltage outgoing cabinet
    DC Panel, Groud Resistance Cabinet and low voltage distribution cabinet etc)

    The specification of the 500kW Jichai 190 gas gensets PLG-500GF

    Model of genset HTG-500GF
    Model of engine 12V190ZDT1-2
    Coupling method Elastic coupling
    Rated speed(r/min) 1000
    Rated power(kW/kVA) 500/625
    Rated voltage(V) 400
    Rated frequency(Hz) 50
    Rated power factor 0.8 lagging
    Governor WOODWARD
    Voltage regulation Automatic
    Supply connecting 3 phase 4wire
    Control model Remote electric control, Hand control
    Starting method 24V DC electric starting motor
    Cooling method Water cooling system, open type
    Overall dimension
    L×B×H(mm) 4770×2200×2778mm
    Net weight(kg) 11800

    Main Specification of Engine
    Model of engine 12V190ZDT1-2
    Rated Power 550kW
    No. and layout of cylinders 12, 60°Vee
    Type Four stroke, water cooled, turbocharged and aftercooled, spark plug ignition, outer mixing
    Speed(r/min) 1000
    Specific heat consumption (kJ/kW.h) ≤11000
    Specific oil consumption (g/kW.h) ≤1.6
    Idle speed(r/min) 700
    Bore 190mm
    Stroke 210mm
    Compression ratio 12:1
    Direction of rotation Counter-clockwise(facing to flywheel)
    Lubrication method Pressure and splash lubrication
    Stable speed regulating rate 0~5% adjustable
    Gas inlet pressure 5-12 kPa
    Gas filters Including
    Air filters Including
    Lubricating oil consumption ≤1.0g/kW.h
    Oil filters Including(Dual filtration system )
    Exhaust Temperature ≤650℃
    Speed Governor Electronic
    Air fuel ratio control mode EGS automatic control A/F
    Cooling Method Forced water cooling
    Noise <120db
    Explosion protection Including(90C°Alarm)
    High temperature protection of lubricating oil Including(95C°Alarm)
    Low lubrication oil pressure protection ≤250+-20kPa Alarm ≤200+-20kPa Auto stop
    Overspeed protection ≥112%+-1% Alarm ≥115%+-1% Auto stop
    Engine data acquisition Including(configured RS485 interface )
    Silencer type Fire extinguishing exhaust muffler
    Crankshaft Rotation Direction Inverse Hour (From Flywheel)

    Technical Data of Alternator
    1FC5 456-6TA42
    (SIEMENS technic)
    Rated power(kW/kVA) 500/625
    Rated voltage(V) 400
    Rated frequency(Hz) 50
    Exciting method Brushless
    Wiring method 3 phases, 4 wires
    Number of pole 6
    Rated speed 1000 r/min
    Insulation class Class F
    Class of protection IP23
    Cooling A fan at the drive end draws the cooling air
    Type and number of bearing Rolling bearing, 2 pcs
    Coupling Elastic

    Decontamination Requirement of Natural gas
    Composition Oil、 No liquid state
    Dust <10 mg/m3
    Dust Granularity <50μm
    Sulfide <20 mg/m3

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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Also can be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

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Manufactured by: Jichai
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Gas Generator
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
  QTY Available:   2
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