Disc Plough 1LYQ-625
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NEW Disc Plough 1LYQ-625 farm vehicles and equipment

ID: 2021
Units Available:   50
Year of Manufacture:   2022
The price: P.O.A.

NEW Disc Plough 1LY(T) & 1LYQ-625 for farm tractor
Working width m 1.5
Working depth mm 250
Diameter of disc mm 660
Q y of disc 6

After-sales Service: Technical Support
Type: Disc Plough
Application Field: Agriculture
Farming Policy: Dry Cultivating Machinery
Power Source: Tractor

The disc plow is used for tillage on dry cultivated or fallow land, especially on high yields manure and virgin land. High cross-country capacity and penetration, complete inversion and coverage. Small draft resistance. easy operation and adjustment All these satisfy the agricultural requirements of fine cultivation.

It can complete Disc Plough tillage, weeding, ditching, soil cultivation, ridging, burying ditch, burying rattan, mulching, ploughing, paddy field operations, etc. It is suitable for places where large agricultural machinery is difficult to operate, such as plains, vegetable greenhouses, orchards, slopes, and terraces. Different agricultural machinery can complete different agronomic functions.

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Disc Plough 1LYQ-625   farm vehicles and equipment for sale Disc Plough 1LYQ-625   farm vehicles and equipment for sale Disc Plough 1LYQ-625   farm vehicles and equipment for sale

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