YTO C1402 Crawler Tractor
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NEW YTO C1402 Crawler Tractor farm vehicles and equipment

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Units Available:   10
Year of Manufacture:   2022
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NEW YTO C1402 140HP Crawler Tractor

1. Our 140HP crawler tractor is produced with diesel engine. The British technology provides large torque and powerful loading capacity. Consuming less fuel, this range of product is environment friendly.
2. The (2+1)×4 gearbox with goggle sleeve shift is adopted to increase the gear centre distance and improve the gear strength. Moreover, the big gearbox housing effectively increases the volume for lubricating liquid.
3. This agricultural vehicle has wide range of operating speed, which can fully meet the requirement for different applications.

4. The 14 double disc dry type main clutch with compression spring, as well as the friction plate with damping spring, contributes to the reliable torque transmission and long service life.
5. Manufactured with mature technology, the wet steering clutch for 140HP crawler tractor requires no adjustment during operation.
6. The self-lubricating bearing specially offered for the operating mechanism can effectively reduce the operating force. More importantly, less maintenance is required for normal operation.
7. According to the characteristic of the farm work and bulldozing, the crawler tractor with cab is specially optimized through the adjustment on the gravity center to improve the lifting force.
8. Rubber track is optional for high trafficability and steering performance of the eco-friendly crawler tractor.
9. Featuring nice appearance and broad vision, the cab can be equipped with heating system, air condition, and audio system for comfortable operation.

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YTO C1402 Crawler Tractor   farm vehicles and equipment for sale YTO C1402 Crawler Tractor   farm vehicles and equipment for sale

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